The largest couch we ever made

The final piece of furniture that I created while I was working with the company was creating a couch set that was fit for a god, and we made it with the help of the best carpenter London had. The size of the couch was so large it could fill three normal peoples living rooms. It was of a ridiculous size and we had to rent out an outside place just to have the space to build the couch. When I say that this was a masterpiece when comparing it to an ordinary sofa that I have created myself, I don’t even think I am being exaggeratory. The actual size of the sofa set had to fit into a room that was the size of a tennis court.

We are proud of all works that we complete, but just as the Chelsea players statue, there are some works that we can’t help but be prouder of than others. This is one of the few pieces of furniture that we are prouder because of the scale and size of the couch. I believe it was a world record in size, but unfortunately, we could not submit it as it was classed as private property, and the owner of the sofa would not give us permission for advertisement.

We constructed it by essentially building three separate sofa sets in procedure, and then connecting all three before we made the ends. This allowed us to build each part piece by piece without having to compromise on the strength or integrity of any part of the sofa itself. Small things like this make a huge difference to the life of the sofa.

Little workarounds like this is what has made our products some of the best in the United Kingdom, and we will continue to work to such an effect.

Wooden Carved Statue

Now, usually we aren’t ones to brag about luxury decoration items that we have created in the past, but there was one specific item that we made that we cannot help but brag about. This item was created for a Chelsea legend, and we built them a wooden statue of them celebrating one of their most famous Champions League finals goals. I think with the obvious statement that I just made, you could probably guess who the player is.

We are very proud of some of the items we have created in the past, but we are the proudest of this as a decorative item because of the Chelsea player that we carved. We spent many, many months working on this for roughly 3-4 hours a day including weekends to make sure the statue was created correctly. We wanted to carve every detail of the statue accurately to depict the jubilation in the players face, and make sure every aspect of that moment was beautifully captured.

We made sure to carve every piece of perfection in the moment and every piece of imperfection in the player himself. It was important of us to make sure that every bit of the moment was perfectly captured within the statue from our own hands, in our own carvings. For us, that was key to make sure that the statue was as accurate as it could get, while being as beautiful and expressive as it could ever be. You could almost feel the emotion just from looking at the statue and feel exactly what everyone in the stadium felt at the time.

When we unveiled the final piece, the player himself said that no photograph could accurately represent the feelings and emotions he had at the time as the carving. While we know he lied, it was a compliment we will hold forever.

Queen Sized Bed

One of my favourite furniture that we have ever created here at Official Couch Outlets was a grand, queen sized bed that was made for a royal. For obvious security reasons, I cannot say who the royal is. But we created a grand bed for them to make sure that when visitors and others in the royal family could see the bed, they would be jealous they didn’t have one of their own.

While we specialise in other types of furniture creation, the creation of wooden beds has always been an important part of the process for us. We have always known that we are specialists in creating various types of furniture and we like to be experimental with it, but rarely have we had such a test of our abilities than a royal who has a lot of experience with luxury items for long term use like a royal who has seen and used it all.

So, we made sure that the most important part of the bed was the design and wooden carvings itself. The importance of the wooden carving for us was that while we know that the bed we create will be comfortable, practical and live for a long, long time, the bed itself must look as extravagant as it will feel for us to consider it an effective and appropriate build. We also must make sure that the Royal will be comfortable and more importantly, proud to have it in their own living quarters.

It would be an enormous mistake for us to start a project just to have it either fail or be below the standards we or the customer would expect from us. In this case, the standards that would be expected are in such a high bar that it required the very best of us to build, with a lot of time to process, plan and effectively execute.

Couch creations

One of our services and specialities for the last 150 years has been the creation of our sofas and couches for homes around the world. We named our company after this specific service because it is the first product we had ever created as a company under the name of “Lee and Lee’s furniture creations” all the way back in 1849. That is how long the company has been around. Obviously, it has had its name changed various times over the last 150 years, but OCO because the official name of the company after we had already decided that we wanted to specialize in utility and comfort furniture.

We decided that we would focus mainly on utility and comfort because we wanted to be practical furniture creators. There are what we like to call woodwork artists in the world, where they create these beautiful or lovely pieces of furniture and decorations for homes and stores around the world. While we love what they do and truly appreciate it, we knew we could also create our own version of art but also keep it practical for those who use it.

We take our service very seriously, because we know that the furniture and decorations that are created by us will be used practically every day. The importance of the every day part means that we must make sure the quality of the build is great. If the quality of the build isn’t up to par, then it renders the item itself useless over a certain amount of time. We cannot allow that to happen as we rely on our reputation as the best.

We know some people think we are stupid for our love of carpentry, and the items do not mean as much to them as it does to us. But that is what makes us so good.

Official Couch Outlets

Official Couch Outlets are the premier furniture creation service in London. We have been providing custom made furniture of all kinds including beds, sofas, couches, tables and many other assortments of items and inventory for building companies, construction companies, carpenters, joiners and even high street stores for almost 150 years now. We have loved every year that we have had in the industry, and we will continue our family business for the next 150 years too.

The most important part about the service that we provide to our customers is the consistency and quality of every item that we send and supply. We never and will never send an item through to customers before understanding completely what the customer wants and needs from us. We create furniture and items for people of all types. We do not just make them for home owners, but we also create furniture and supply pieces for customers in a commercial need. We create storage space units and shelves dedicated towards serving customers in various locations. This includes shop fitting if necessary, and we are asked a lot because of our creativity!

The truth is we like working on our own for ourselves, and we happen to be good with woodworking. It is one of our passions, along with ensuring customers are taken care of. We have become masters at wood working and furniture creation because of the experience we have had doing so. We have made pieces of furniture and items for commercial and residential properties for many years now, and we are proud of the work we have completed in London and have shipped globally.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post, and I am hoping some of my readers have received furniture from us in the past. We love our customers, especially if they love us!