Official Couch Outlets

Official Couch Outlets are the premier furniture creation service in London. We have been providing custom made furniture of all kinds including beds, sofas, couches, tables and many other assortments of items and inventory for building companies, construction companies, carpenters, joiners and even high street stores for almost 150 years now. We have loved every year that we have had in the industry, and we will continue our family business for the next 150 years too.

The most important part about the service that we provide to our customers is the consistency and quality of every item that we send and supply. We never and will never send an item through to customers before understanding completely what the customer wants and needs from us. We create furniture and items for people of all types. We do not just make them for home owners, but we also create furniture and supply pieces for customers in a commercial need. We create storage space units and shelves dedicated towards serving customers in various locations. This includes shop fitting if necessary, and we are asked a lot because of our creativity!

The truth is we like working on our own for ourselves, and we happen to be good with woodworking. It is one of our passions, along with ensuring customers are taken care of. We have become masters at wood working and furniture creation because of the experience we have had doing so. We have made pieces of furniture and items for commercial and residential properties for many years now, and we are proud of the work we have completed in London and have shipped globally.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post, and I am hoping some of my readers have received furniture from us in the past. We love our customers, especially if they love us!

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