Couch creations

One of our services and specialities for the last 150 years has been the creation of our sofas and couches for homes around the world. We named our company after this specific service because it is the first product we had ever created as a company under the name of “Lee and Lee’s furniture creations” all the way back in 1849. That is how long the company has been around. Obviously, it has had its name changed various times over the last 150 years, but OCO because the official name of the company after we had already decided that we wanted to specialize in utility and comfort furniture.

We decided that we would focus mainly on utility and comfort because we wanted to be practical furniture creators. There are what we like to call woodwork artists in the world, where they create these beautiful or lovely pieces of furniture and decorations for homes and stores around the world. While we love what they do and truly appreciate it, we knew we could also create our own version of art but also keep it practical for those who use it.

We take our service very seriously, because we know that the furniture and decorations that are created by us will be used practically every day. The importance of the every day part means that we must make sure the quality of the build is great. If the quality of the build isn’t up to par, then it renders the item itself useless over a certain amount of time. We cannot allow that to happen as we rely on our reputation as the best.

We know some people think we are stupid for our love of carpentry, and the items do not mean as much to them as it does to us. But that is what makes us so good.

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