Queen Sized Bed

One of my favourite furniture that we have ever created here at Official Couch Outlets was a grand, queen sized bed that was made for a royal. For obvious security reasons, I cannot say who the royal is. But we created a grand bed for them to make sure that when visitors and others in the royal family could see the bed, they would be jealous they didn’t have one of their own.

While we specialise in other types of furniture creation, the creation of wooden beds has always been an important part of the process for us. We have always known that we are specialists in creating various types of furniture and we like to be experimental with it, but rarely have we had such a test of our abilities than a royal who has a lot of experience with luxury items for long term use like a royal who has seen and used it all.

So, we made sure that the most important part of the bed was the design and wooden carvings itself. The importance of the wooden carving for us was that while we know that the bed we create will be comfortable, practical and live for a long, long time, the bed itself must look as extravagant as it will feel for us to consider it an effective and appropriate build. We also must make sure that the Royal will be comfortable and more importantly, proud to have it in their own living quarters.

It would be an enormous mistake for us to start a project just to have it either fail or be below the standards we or the customer would expect from us. In this case, the standards that would be expected are in such a high bar that it required the very best of us to build, with a lot of time to process, plan and effectively execute.

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