Wooden Carved Statue

Now, usually we aren’t ones to brag about luxury decoration items that we have created in the past, but there was one specific item that we made that we cannot help but brag about. This item was created for a Chelsea legend, and we built them a wooden statue of them celebrating one of their most famous Champions League finals goals. I think with the obvious statement that I just made, you could probably guess who the player is.

We are very proud of some of the items we have created in the past, but we are the proudest of this as a decorative item because of the Chelsea player that we carved. We spent many, many months working on this for roughly 3-4 hours a day including weekends to make sure the statue was created correctly. We wanted to carve every detail of the statue accurately to depict the jubilation in the players face, and make sure every aspect of that moment was beautifully captured.

We made sure to carve every piece of perfection in the moment and every piece of imperfection in the player himself. It was important of us to make sure that every bit of the moment was perfectly captured within the statue from our own hands, in our own carvings. For us, that was key to make sure that the statue was as accurate as it could get, while being as beautiful and expressive as it could ever be. You could almost feel the emotion just from looking at the statue and feel exactly what everyone in the stadium felt at the time.

When we unveiled the final piece, the player himself said that no photograph could accurately represent the feelings and emotions he had at the time as the carving. While we know he lied, it was a compliment we will hold forever.

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