The largest couch we ever made

The final piece of furniture that I created while I was working with the company was creating a couch set that was fit for a god, and we made it with the help of the best carpenter London had. The size of the couch was so large it could fill three normal peoples living rooms. It was of a ridiculous size and we had to rent out an outside place just to have the space to build the couch. When I say that this was a masterpiece when comparing it to an ordinary sofa that I have created myself, I don’t even think I am being exaggeratory. The actual size of the sofa set had to fit into a room that was the size of a tennis court.

We are proud of all works that we complete, but just as the Chelsea players statue, there are some works that we can’t help but be prouder of than others. This is one of the few pieces of furniture that we are prouder because of the scale and size of the couch. I believe it was a world record in size, but unfortunately, we could not submit it as it was classed as private property, and the owner of the sofa would not give us permission for advertisement.

We constructed it by essentially building three separate sofa sets in procedure, and then connecting all three before we made the ends. This allowed us to build each part piece by piece without having to compromise on the strength or integrity of any part of the sofa itself. Small things like this make a huge difference to the life of the sofa.

Little workarounds like this is what has made our products some of the best in the United Kingdom, and we will continue to work to such an effect.

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